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Mariah woke up and changed into her white and blue bikini set, then she walked downstairs and ate her breakfast. "im so glad its the first day of summer" she said as she walked out to her pool, she jumped straight into the pool. little did she know that a large snake was going to end her summer early by eating her, swallowing her alive head first. it snuck into the pool and slithered towards her.

Mariah continued swimming, unaware of the snake that was stalking her, she came up to get air, so she rested for a minute. the snake struck instantly, it swallowed her head and shoulders. she began kicking and screaming as the snake dragged her out of the water. it took another gulp, swallowing her bikini clad breast, her bare stomach was soaked with water and saliva, she kicked madly as the snake took another gulp, swallowing the upper part of her bare stomach. she wiggled her fingers madly as the snake swallowed the rest of her bare stomach and bikini clad hips. the snake tilted its head back causing her body to lift in the air, her butt slipped into its mouth with ease. she kicked her legs and wiggled her bare toes as the snake swallowed her thighs.

she continued struggling as her knees and calves entered its mouth. she moved her feet back and fourth as the snake finished her off with a final gulp, then it burped and slithered away, where it digested her a few days later, she put up a fight in its stomach but got digested, her bikini and body were fully digested, nothing was left of her and she was never seen again...

mariah gets vored
blackhand313 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
So...what was the disaster? Sounded perfect to me
girleater1901 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
her getting eaten on the first day of summer lol :D
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October 19, 2012
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